The compact solution

The drum roaster P 60 is particularly designed for gentle long-term roasting of high-quality gourmet coffees and espresso. Its special shovel mechanism inside the non-perforated, double-wall roasting drum homogenously mixes the product during the roasting process.

The PROBAT-specific air to bean ratio ensures particularly uniform roasting. With roasting times between 10 and 18 minutes, heat is transferred to the coffee beans over a longer period of time, thus guaranteeing a highly intense flavour development. 

Due to top-quality workmanship, the P 60 stands out for its high functionality, process reliability and long operating life. Its maximum batch size of 60kg makes the P 60 the perfect roasting machine for larger shop roasters as well as for small scale industrial roasting facilities.

Benefits for your coffee

The roasting times of the P 60 drum roaster lie between 10 and 18 minutes. As heat is applied to the coffee beans over a longer period, a particularly high level of flavor is developed. The P 60 drum roaster offers this and many other benefits:

  • uniform bean appearance and homogeneous roast through the combined application of heat via convection and conduction
  • specific design of the roasting drum allows for a gentle mixing of the beans
  • reliable production from light to extremely dark roast colors

  1. long roasting times with high production outputs

  • minimal product loss, minimal weight loss
  • effective and gentle cooling
  • reduced cycle times by simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • effective chaff separation by separate, free-standing roasting cyclone


performance data - Best Life-Cycle Costs and Performance



The P 60 drum roaster is equipped with the semi-automatic PILOT Roaster Basic control system with touch panel, recipe management for 99 recipes and 8 recipe stages. (P60 SA).

  • optionally available as fully-automatic version with roaster control system PILOT Roaster Excellence and recipe management for 999 user-definable recipes. Settings that have been saved are reproduced safely and automatically. (P60 PRE)
  • fully automated PC-based control system (P60 PRE)
  • clear visualization and simple operation (P60 PRE)
  • overview of all key roasting parameters and temperature curves (P60 PRE)
  • all data relevant to production is saved, allowing it to be accessed and analyzed at any time (P60 PRE)
  • transparent presentation of the system’s operating status in real time (P60 PRE)
  • can be operated directly at the roaster or centrally from a control room (P60 PRE)


Environment and Cost-Effectiveness

Different PROBAT systems make it possible to clean the thermal energy released during the roasting process. 

They are specifically tailored to the respective roasting process.

  • reduction of visible roasting exhaust
  • reduction of emissions and adherence to local thresholds through modular exhaust air treatment systems
  • minimal heat loss due to particularly well-insulated roasting system



PROBAT safety technology goes far beyond standardized requirements.

 We offer safety components that guarantee maximum process security.

  • ensuring the functional safety of your processing systems
  • maintenance-friendly safety components
  • battery and water buffer increase operation safety (P60 PRE)


The drum roasting process in detail

The heart of PROBAT’s P 60 drum roaster is a horizontally lying roasting drum which is  equipped with a rotary drive. Shovel blades circulate the coffee beans during the roasting process. The flame of a burner generates the energy for the roasting air which is guided both through as well as around the roasting drum by means of flaps. As such, heat is applied through conduction via the bean’s contact with the roasting drum as well as through convection via the hot incoming air.