The all new drum roaster Px 120 is a unique fusion between cutting-edge engineering and classic design. Almost 80% of the machine components are completely new developed. All parts are available as 3D data with which a full virtual plant can be created.  

By means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analytics the roasting system has been optimised to increase coffee quality and energy efficiency.

The forward-thinking new partial recirculation system significantly reduces energy consumption. A high-efficiency cyclone with optimised flow processes ensures an effective chaff separation and fast and clean disposal. 

The trailblazing intuitive control solution guarantees highly efficient processes, increased quality and productivity.

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With an extended batch size range between 60 and 120 kg, and roasting times between 6 and 20 minutes, the Px 120 drum roaster guarantees more flexibility while maintaining a constantly high coffee quality.

 The Px 120 roaster offers this and many other benefits:

  • Reduced exhaust air volume due to partially recirculating system
  • Fewer deposits due to optimised feed hopper
  • Optimised chaff separation, less dust deposits and increased cleaning results due to high-efficiency cyclone
  • 30 % less energy consumption and more flexibility due to frequency converters for all drives as standard
  • Increased roasting quality through optimised drum geometry
  • Increased flexibility through extended batch size range
  • Increased cooling performance


PERFORMANCE DATA - Best Life-Cycle Costs and Performance


Environment and Cost-Effectiveness

Different PROBAT systems make it possible to clean and reuse the thermal energy released during the roasting process. They are specifically tailored to the respective roasting process.

  • Energy monitoring for cost transparency
  • Heat recovery through use of heat exchangers
  • Minimal heat loss due to particularly well insulated roasting system
  • Thermal cleaning cuts human resource costs and saves time
  • Energy savings and increased production through green coffee preheating (optional)
  • Reduction of emissions and adherence to local thresholds through modular exhaust air treatment systems
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency thanks to the Proforte exhaust air treatment (flameless, renewable, thermal oxidation)



PROBAT safety technology goes far beyond standardized requirements. We offer safety components that guarantee maximum process security.

  • Ensuring the functional safety of your processing systems
  • Flexibility thanks to a multistep safety system and the use of safety PLCs
  • Maintenance-friendly safety components
  • Thermal cleaning minimizes deposits and risk of fire
  • Monitoring of cooling exhaust air temperature via thermocouple
  • Safe processing of extremely dark roasts and demanding green coffee
  • Battery and water buffers increase operation safety


The drum roasting process in detail

The heart of PROBAT’s Px 120 drum roaster is a horizontally lying roasting drum which is  equipped with a rotary drive. Shovel blades circulate the coffee beans during the roasting process. The flame of a burner generates the energy for the roasting air which is guided both through as well as around the roasting drum by means of flaps. As such, heat is applied through conduction via the bean’s contact with the roasting drum as well as through convection via the hot incoming air.